Dr. Celeste Clarke, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Celeste Clarke, DC of Tampa Florida is the daughter of Charles, (late) Rhonda Clarke and
Cynthia Clarke. Her mother, Rhonda Clarke, battled colon cancer. Watching her mother fight ignited a passion in her to pursue a more natural approach to chronic disease. Despite the hardship of losing a phenomenal mother, through faith and perseverance, Dr. Clarke graduated from Flint Southwestern Academy as salutatorian in Flint, MI.

She received an Associate of Science, Arts and General Studies with honors from Mott
Community College in 2010. She graduated with honors from the University of Michigan, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology minoring in Chemistry in 2012. During her undergraduate studies, she interned at Hurley Medical Center with Dr. Patrick Hawkins, DNP, Beaumont Hospitals in Detroit, MI with Dr. Ashley Vanderloop, DPM and the late Dr. Philip Isbell DO in Denton, TX. She then attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She was trained in spinal correction, gained insight in communicating chiropractic and received a nutrition certificate with MaxLiving as a student.

Dr. Clarke completed her internship through Parker University at the Dallas VA (Veteran
Affairs) Medical Center in Dallas, Texas under the direction of Dr. Moses DC and Dr. Khan DC. She specializes in chiropractic and has experience in chiropractic biophysics (CBP), exercise science, nutrition, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Her goal is to help patients live vibrant lives at any age by promoting spinal alignment as it
scientifically relates to optimal organ function and overall health. Dr. Clarke is very active in her local community with The Green Rose H.E.L.P (Healing Everything Life Presents) International

Ministry with Mrs. Rosemary Green as founder. She is an international “warrior dancer” with Many Greens Media Production Company. Dr. Clarke is very passionate about life! She enjoys spending time with her family, beach volleyball, exercising, Zumba, traveling, learning new things, exploring different cultures and creating unforgettable memories.

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