How to Manage Your Holiday Eating

The time is almost here! For those who celebrate it, Thanksgiving is a time where you can get your fill of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and of course, plenty of delicious pumpkin pie. Many of us will be celebrating this year’s harvest with plenty of food to enjoy.

Enjoy your feast but be mindful of consumptionBut there comes a point when you may want to pay attention to what you are consuming. After all, that’s a lot of carbs being ingested. If you’ve been following a weight management plan, we would like to share some important tips on how you can maintain your diet!

First off, you’ll want to try and use a smaller plate during the meal. The bigger the plate you have, the more food you will want to pile on top of it. This will help you avoid those urges to go all out. You will also want to drink plenty of water. You may think you are starving during your meal when in fact you are simply dehydrated. Plus, it will also help fill your stomach and subdue your hunger as a result.

Another great option is to do some exercise or an outdoor activity well before or right after your meal. It will help you feel better after a big meal, and Don't deprive yourself keep you distracted from attempting to grab seconds or thirds. Some motion will also help your stomach settle so you feel better. This can be something as simple as parking your car a little further away.

Bottom line – get familiarized with your eating habits so you can plan your Turkey Day festivities accordingly. Focus on enjoying the foods you really want to eat and avoid those options that you only have a passing interest for. Don’t deprive yourself, however – it will make it that much harder to follow your diet.

Also, be sure to put away any leftovers as soon as possible so you won’t be inclined to munch on a piece of turkey every time you walk by the table. By following some of these simple rules, you’ll come out on the other side of the biggest dinner of the year unscathed. Have a happy and healthy season!

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